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Our Small Cruise Ships

American Cruise Lines’ modern ships are a testament to premier nautical engineering, luxurious comfort, and river cruising convenience. Our fleet of modern riverboats, paddlewheelers, and small cruise ships offer the latest amenities, state-of-the-art navigation, and safety equipment.

Cruising on our world-class ships, enjoy comfortable lounges and large observation decks that provide the perfect place for guests to relax and enjoy the company of fellow travelers who share their interest in American heritage. Glass enclosed dining salons provide panoramic views of the spectacular scenery you will see on every American Cruise Lines trip.



Career Opportunities


Star Cruises is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong, a leading global leisure, entertainment and hospitality corporation. A pioneer in the Asia Pacific cruise industry, Star Cruises has been operating its fleet since 1993, taking on the bold initiative to grow the region as an international cruise destination with a fleet of five vessels including SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Aquarius, Star Pisces and The Taipan.



Group management

Peter Norborg, Group CEO
Peter Norborg joined Clipper as Group CEO on 1 April 2016. He came from a position as Chief Operating Officer at Switzerland-based open hatch/dry bulk company Gearbulk, a position he has held since 2012.

As the custodian of Malaysia’s national oil and gas resources,
we explore, produce and deliver energy to meet society’s growing needs.
Established in 1974, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) is Malaysia’s fully integrated oil and gas multinational ranked among the largest corporations on FORTUNE Global 500®.
The growing demand for energy inspires and strengthens our purpose to steadily drive for new solutions and push boundaries towards a sustainable energy future.
We apply innovative approaches to technology which helps us unlock and maximise energy sources from even the most remote and difficult environments. Our fully integrated value chain spans from exploration to marketing, logistics to technological infrastructures, with operations in over 50 countries.

We are an associated company within the M.T. Maritime Group with offices in the USA, Europe and Singapore. We are committed to providing high quality of husbanding agency services to tanker and dry cargo vessel owners. In addition to providing agency services in Hong Kong, we also provide ship registry and protective agency services throughout China. In 2013, we handled over 300 ships in Hong Kong which includes cargo operation, bunkering, emergency call and ship to ship at OPL Hong Kong. With over 25 years experience in Hong Kong we believe we can offer a competitive and professional service to our customers.


Seacrew is a professional crew management company that has been established and operating from Cyprus since 2007. We offer tailor-made crewing solutions to ship owners operating in the offshore, the inland shipping and the maritime transport sectors.

We man our clients’ ships with the right crew at the right price and undertake completely the administrative and operational burden associated with crew management, enabling our clients to focus exclusively on their core business.

We take pride for our reliability and the exceptional manner in which we deliver our service, exceeding always the needs and expectations of our clients and assisting them in achieving their business objectives.


Diferenciar entre una gamba, un gambón o un langostino puede no ser tarea fácil. Pero diferenciar una gamba, gambón o langostino de una calidad excepcional es muy sencillo, tan solo tienes que buscar la garantía de bigotes. Un sello de calidad exclusivo que demuestra todo el cariño y cuidado que ponemos para que nuestros productos lleguen intactos del mar hasta tu mesa. Ante la duda, elige bigote.


Dongwon Industries was founded in April 1969 to explore the sea, a rich repository of food resources. Since its establishment, Dongwon Industries has been leading Korea’s fishing industry, sailing across the five oceans, and contributing to the development of food culture by providing high-quality seafood products.

Ervik Havfiske Group – Norway’s biggest longline company

For thousands of years, the inhabitants of the rugged Stad peninsula on the west coast of Norway have made a living from the sea through fishing. Based on the Stad peninsula, the Ervik Havfiske Group has grown to become Norway’s biggest longline company. Its annual catch of high-quality seafood products exceeds 20,000 tons of mainly headed and gutted fish, but the company also produces value added consumer-ready products.

We are LS Ocean Group.

We are a world leader in harvesting, processing, preparation and supply of quality tuna and seafood. From the ocean to the plate, LS Ocean Group has established a global fishing, sourcing, selling, marketing and distribution network to bring quality tuna and seafood to consumers worldwide.