Occupational Health and Safety



Every Sailors who Will JOINSHIP
We Always Hold a SWAB / PCR Test at an International Standard Hospital / IMO

As a main and mandatory requirement, to follow health protocols as set out by WHO and also by the Government of Indonesia and other countries in the world


In addition, they are required to wear face masks and protective clothing for the COVID 19 virus when they are about to enter the airport in Jakarta to go to the country where the ship is located.

All of our seafarers wear anti virus clothingBefore entering the waiting room to board the planeInside the Airport in Jakarta.As shown in the picture

CANADA - AUGUST 22:  Student Deniye Okoko, left, clamps tongs to a section of drill pips as instructor Cody Huseby, right, provides instruction on a training rig outside the EnForm training center in Nisku, Alberta, Canada, Tuesday, August 22, 2006. EnForm, the training, certification and health and safety services arm of the upstream petroleum industry offers weekly hands-on training to workers seeking employment in the oil industry. This class was part of the pre-employment floorhand program.  (Photo by Norm Betts/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Alam Segoro Joyo company’s main objective is to provide a safe environment and is committed to prevent unsafe acts, personal injury, ill health and damage to property.


This is implemented through safe practices in ship operation, reporting near misses and from these evaluate and where possible implement change to prevent more serious incidents.


Promoting health/hygiene awareness for all staff, establishing safeguards against all identified risks and continually improving the safety management skills of all personnel.